Mushroom season over

Now that mushroom prime time is over I need a new hobby.

I wasn’t good at edible mushroom scavenging anyway. Was attempting to find chicken of the woods got so excited by finding a similar looking mushroom I didn’t bother to check my book. Started cooking it realized it smelt weird, checked my book and found out it was a completely different mushroom with a much less appetizing name- hairy curtain mushroom:|. They are called this because they have a hairy underside which I failed to notice because I was so excited. Luckily they are not poisonous.I was however brilliant at finding useless often inedible or poisonous mushrooms. The best mushrooms I found were liberty caps which wasn’t difficult because they’ve been growing all over the place. I did not eat them. That would be illegal.

Above is the dreaded hairy curtain mushroom. This picture make my stomach turn. I can still smell them frying. Like an old sweaty sock smell.

Anyway I’ve quit playing games for the most part because they were sapping my life away. Seen as no one talks to me on here and I don’t want to ask anyone I know because they think hobbies are weird.  I’m going to search for some cool hobbies and compile a top ten list.