10 unusual hobbies I have never heard of

1. Hot air balloon chasing. You watch a hot air balloon set off. You follow it to see where it lands. Here’s a site for tips: http://voices.yahoo.com/tips-chasing-hot-air-balloons-3889960.html?cat=11

2. Element collecting. You collect elements from the periodic table. People do this in different ways and of different purities.  Here’s the site of quite a famous collector with some information: http://www.theodoregray.com/periodictable/HowToGetOne.html

3.  Extreme dog grooming.  I’ve seen ninja turtles, pandas and poniesSome of the pictures I’ve seen are incredible but I can’t help but feel sorry for the dogs.  Here’s an example of extreme dog grooming a lion dog:-

4. Polishing dirt. Yes you can polish dirt into a nice shiny ball. You can even polish a turd(not that you’d want to). You don’t even need any equipment but dirt, water, a plastic bag and your hands. Here’s a link to a useful site on getting started:- http://relache.hubpages.com/hub/hikaru-dorodango


5. Beetle fighting. You get different types of beetle to fight against each other. From the videos I’ve watched I found it interesting but disgusting at the same time. There is an entire site with hundreds of videos dedicated to bug fighting, unsurprisingly its Japanese:


6. cryptozoology. Is the hobby of searching for animals whose  existence has not been proved or that have been thought to be extinct. Creatures like the giant squid, mountain gorilla and Okapi were previously cryptids(Animals who weren’t accepted as existent). A site dedicated to the hobby:-


7. Locksport. The art of unlocking locks purely recreationally. This is kind of a puzzle  solving activity that people now take part in all over the world. There are even competitions. Official site:-


8. Mooing. Yes making cow noises  is an actual hobby. There is an actual competition every year that anyone can enter. Apparently it isn’t even as easy as it sounds, you need special skills.  Here’s a previous winner:


9. Geocaching. This is free  real-world treasure hunting hobby using technology. There are hidden containers called geocaches with items inside these are located using a smart phone or gps. This hobby is to explore the world and share experiences with other members. Official site- http://www.geocaching.com/

10.  Competitive duck herding. Yes competitive duck herding is a hobby. You learn to heard duck like you would sheep. Which is apparently popular with the business types! here’s an article:-



My dog is so awkward.

I want it to cuddle up with me; it refuses to come out of its bed(unless foods involved). I fall asleep; it decides to use my face as a cushion.

I pay attention to it; it seems to find its own tail more interesting. I’m busy on my laptop; It’ll jump onto the keyboard and stare at me.

I want to pet it; it wants to play the bite my fingers off game. I try to play with it; I have to check it is actually still breathing.

I try to steer it away from a deep puddle; it seems to aim for it. I try to make it swim in a shallow stream; it acts like it’s having a fit.

I don’t want to give it any of my food; it is there tormenting me with it’s miserable eyes. I spare it a bit; it’ll sniff it then walk off.

I let it off its lead in the park; takes a whole troop of us to catch it later. It chews through it’s lead outside a shop; it sits waiting for me to put it back on.

I’ve just bought something new; it’s chewed as soon as I’m away. I leave clothes for washing; makes a strange dog nest.

It gets wet; the house gets wet, I get wet. It’s completely dry; it seems to get wet again somehow.

I don’t bath it for a while; it stays almost(this is my dog) spotless. I’ve just spend ages pampering it; it rolls in mud like a pig.

I’m downstairs; it’s docile. I’m upstairs where it can’t go; it sounds like it may be repeatedly ramming a door.

I take out the lead for a walk; I’m up on a table so it can’t lick me to death. I take out the lead for the vet; it goes straight under a table.

One of my friends is at the door; intruder alert straight away. Next time it’s a Jehovah’s Witness; not even a twitch of warning.

Forgot the dog bags; can’t return without a trail of poo. Plenty of dog bags ready; only does the liquid type. Ugh.

I give it it’s food. It eats.